I am an [ ]

  • I am the inveterate dabbler: a life-long tinkerer, hacker, and technologist. Ask me about my homelab.
  • I am the eternal student: I learn quickly, and I very much enjoy the process. We can learn something new every single day; we need only make the effort.
  • I am at least “conversationally fluent” in most modern programming languages (and several spoken ones). I am “proficient” (if not “expert”) in navigating most common technology stacks.
  • I am at home in any operating system; though, as a recovering Windows admin, I prefer Linux or BSD command lines these days.
  • I analyze and adapt when faced with the unfamiliar. I spring into action when faced with calamity.
  • When in doubt, I check the logs. When the logs don't exist, I create them. When they're full of garbage, I fix the problems causing the garbage logs. I aim to always leave the campsite cleaner than I found it.
  • This is the Way.